Experience the Thrill of Virtual Reality in the Florida Mall, Orlando.

Which Adventure Will You Choose?

Your journey begins at Virtual Adventures in the Florida Mall. Where you go, is up to you…


Choose from two different VR GreenMachine Simulators! Each simulator has up to 16 unique rides to choose from. These include the Haunted Mine Roller Coaster, Runaway Haunted Train and Jurassic World Escape among others!


With almost 200 unique & thrilling scenarios, the Virtual Reality Race Car offers challenging race tracks & roller coaster experiences! You’ll want to buckle your seat-belts for this one of a kind virtual adventure!


A thrilling multi-sensory experience that combines an interactive movie, video game and fast-paced motion ride all in one! The high precision laser targeting and scoring system keeping lets you shoot on-screen enemies, and compete with friends!

VR Flyer

Experience an accurate simulation of the thrill of hang gliding, or enjoy a truly first person perspective of shooting games! Fly traditional fighter jets or Star Wars like alien aircraft.


Our incredible VR Pods really blur the line between virtual reality and what your senses are telling you is real! Explore incredible worlds and experience unbelievable adventures!

Kid's Birthdays

Located in the heart of the Florida Mall, Virtual Adventures is the perfect place for the ultimate Kid’s Birthday Party! Plan the coolest virtual reality kid’s birthday with us today!

Explore Endless Worlds & Experience Epic Adventures in the Florida Mall.

Ocuclus Rift

Oculus technology radically redefines digital entertainment.

At Virtual Adventures in the Florida Mall, you can immerse yourself in games, travel through space and time, or explore outer space.

HTC Vive

Our HTC Vive Virtual Reality adventures immerse you in a world full of surprises, where you can walk around freely and explore everything!

The stunning graphics make it feel so real and surreal simultaneously.

Plan an Exciting Virtual Reality Kid’s Birthday Party Right Here!


The most exciting kid’s birthday experience in the Florida Mall!

A Party Your Kids Will Love

We promise that your child and their friends will remember the awesome birthday party experience they had to at Virtual Adventures! We can’t guarantee it will make them the most popular kid in class… But it wont hurt!

Unbeatable Value for Money

As parents ourselves, we’ve thoughtfully put together packages that meet different needs. Whether you’ve got a huge birthday group to entertain, or a smaller party, we’ve got you covered. No other birthday party experience will leave as much of a lasting impression as this!


Checks all the Right Boxes!

  • Works no matter the weather;
  • It’s got the cool factor;
  • It’s easy on your pocket;
  • Built-in package discount on all attractions
  • No 6month+ wait time to book
  • Everything is all under one roof
  • Fully supervised;
  • No clean-up necessary;
  • Exclusive private party space.

Children's Birthday Parties!

Virtual Adventures offers a kid’s birthday party experience like no other.






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Are You Located Inside the Florida Mall?

Yes we are! You can find us on the Dick’s Sporting goods wing of the Florida Mall.

If you’re coming here just to see us, then the best way to enter is next to the Crayola experience.

Do You Offer Kid's Birthday Parties?

Yes! But not just any “kid’s birthday party”. We offer the BEST Birthday Party experience in the Florida Mall!

We also don’t have the same double-digit month-out lead times other places ask for. Enjoy your own private space, packages with unbeatable discounts, and a birthday party experience that will put some seriously big smiles on faces, and earn your child cool-kid points with their friends!

Are There any Age or Height Restrictions?

For the safety and comfort of all our guests, some of our Virtual experiences do have some height and weight. These vary by ride, so if you are unsure whether you’ll be able to ride, please contact us and ask about any specifics. We have plenty of lower-intensity, more age-appropriate experiences for the younger adventurers in your family too!

Are There Age Appropriate Options for Younger Kids?

Absolutely! We really do have something for all ages on every single one of our Virtual Reality experiences. Some examples include a fun Toy Story themed interactive Flying simulation on the VR Flyer, a magical underwater ocean experience on the Green Machines, and our VR racer has a little booster seat for the smaller speedsters! Then there’s experiences on the VR Pods, that include helping Santa save Christmas. With over 140 different VR experiences to choose from, and more being added monthly, it’s easy to find something for all ages, including the younger kids too!

Would Any Conditions Make Somebody Unable to Ride?

We do have some guidelines that are in place for the comfort and safety of all our riders. These vary by ride, so if you are unsure whether you’ll be able to ride, please contact us and ask about any specifics. As a general rule if you suffer from epilepsy or heart, back or neck conditions, or if you are pregnant we do advise that you do not ride.

I Still Have Questions. How Can I Contact You?

We’d love to answer any questions you still have, please give us a call on (407) 536-6210 during business hours! 🙂


Thrilling Interactive 7D Motion Ride With High Precision Laser Guns & Scoring!

XD Darkride

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Sarah H.

Plymouth, WI

My 9 year old son had a blast!

We left with smiles on our faces.

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Tampa, FL

What a great time and inexpensive!

Didn’t expect to see that when we went to the mall today!

Elanda W.

Orlando, FL

Loved it!

Lots of fun for all ages!

Highly recommended!

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