XD Dark Ride Experience!

What is the XD Darkride Experience?

A 7 dimensional Movie, Ride and Game Experience like no other.

Feel like you are falling crashing flying while at the same time you are shooting the bad guys and competing for the top score with real time scoring!

It's an Incredible 7D Interactive Movie

We have several exciting and interactive movies for you to chose from, all of them have stunning 3D graphics! Prepare to be blown away by the combination of amazing special effects, wind machines, strobe lights, and rapid motion seats. We really put you in the heart of the action!

It’s a Multi-Sensory Interactive Experience

Our incredible 7D theater combines stunning visual effects a curved, IMAX-style 3D-Screen and life-like sound effects pumped into speakers, which are wrapped around your head in your motion seat.  The motion seat spectacularly creates the sensations of falling, jumping and crashing as you shoot the bad guys on the screen.

It’s also an Interactive Video Game With Laser Guns!

Up to sixteen riders can play at the same time, and compete for the high score by shooting at the on-screen enemies using laser blasters with our high precision, pixel-perfect targeting system.

Different Levels of Thrills and Action For All Ages

While the Zombies and Werewolves movies might be perfect for the teens and bigger kids, there are also more cartoon-like movies that offer just the right amount of thrills for younger kids too. This is a one-of-a-kind experience, so these age-appropriate options make sure everybody gets to enjoy the fun!

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Experience thrilling virtual reality adventures in the heart of the Florida Mall, Orlando! Choose from over 140 different Virtual Reality simulation experiences, suitable for all ages!

If you’re looking for an even bigger thrill, don’t miss the awe-inspiring 7D XD Darkride Experience: part motion-ride, video game, and movie! Shoot bad guys on screen, and compete with your friends for the high score!

We also offer Children’s Birthday Party packages.

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